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Roof algae are living organisms, and when they grow on your home’s roof, their food source is not only moisture and sunlight, but also the material in your roof: tiles, slates, cement and grout, causing your roof to degrade over time. The green growth can eventually cause several issues with cracked or broken tiles, gutter systems blocked causing water ingress into the roof and walls as well as spoiling patios and footpaths as the clumps of moss are dislodged. Contact Gold Coast Repairs today for your roof cleaning using our safe and effective soft washing techniques.

Gold Coast Trade uses soft washing to clean your roof. With a mix of moss scraping, soft washing, pressure washing and treatment. We will decide the best course of action for your roof. With the best equipment and quality chemicals used. After roof cleaning, the roof can be inspected and any long standing damaged areas can be repaired. For more information, give us a call today!


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