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Decramastic Roofing

About Decramastic Roofing

Decramastic roofing is very attractive, it poses a number of problems to the building owners and thus, it is important to avail of decramastic roof replacement. Gerrard milano tiles  have balanced arches and flats create a perfectly elegant, classical looking roof. This timeless profile makes a strong statement, especially on steeply pitched roofs.

Whether your current roof is made of galvinised iron (or tin) or decramastic tile it can be replaced with Gerrard roofs. With each job, the new Gerrard roof provides a fresh look, and guarantee of no more leaks for the over 25 years. Gerrard Roof Tiles are low maintenance, highly insulating and long wearing with a minimum life span on 25 years. Gerrard Roofing is considered as one of the leading companies for decramastic tile roofing services across Australia.

Our consultants are all trained in the ways in which the repairs to a pressed metal tiled roof can be performed. We have been providing cost-effective and satisfying roofing solutions for residential and commercial customers for a long time now. We will restore, replace and repair any damaged tiles as needed. We can treat, recoat and rechip your roof.


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